"NewVista SEO Biz Card© Portfolio"

Mr. Brake Biz Card – "Mr. Brake's big problem was too many competitors, and how to make his quality shop stand out. He told me he had been in business over 30 years and had ALWAYS put customer-service first. "Let my future customers know I'm here – put me on the first page." –

Pool Repair Biz Card – BND's business depends on being found on the first page of Google. Most folks don't use the 'yellow-pages' anymore, – they "Google it" like everyone else. Being found on the first page of the major search engines was BND's key secret in their marketing plan. (We agree…)

Cancer Treatment Biz Card – There are quite a few cancer treatment providers in Las Vegas, –– Compassionate Cancer Care wanted to be "on the first page" when someone needed their help. It's critical to find good info, good treatment and compassionate care — if you've been diagnosed. Being on the first page solves a lot of problems.

Dentist Biz Card – What do you do when you need a dentist? — Does anyone go to the YP anymore? — Finding a good dentist, in YOUR area is important. What better way than going to Google, doing a search, and finding the "right"one in your area. You can't do that without 'Google–placement', and that's what we did for Stonewater.

Chiropractor Biz Card – Do you have any idea how many chiropractors there are in Las Vegas? Well, me neither… but, it's a lot. So, how do you differentiate yourself from the competition? - SEO, of course… The Doc said, "Put me on page 1. Show the folks in 'Vegas how good we are, and where we're conveniently located." – Done…

Alexa Elkington, Therapist Biz Card – These days and times… who DOESN'T have a little stress in their life? For that matter, what about marriage/relationship problems? SEX?? Ye gods!! – Well, Alexa can help you out in all areas; PLUS, she works with you by doing a little "life-coaching."

Dent Repair Biz Card – And speaking of stress… you been in a little 'fender-bender' lately? – Somebody bumped you in the parking lot, and forgot to leave a note? – Fret no more, my friend… these days, the body shop comes to you!!

Plumber Biz Card – Who's never needed a plumber? Not only that, you only need them in the middle of the night, RIGHT? - Plumbers Las Vegas has the answer… call them, they’ll be there "leakily-split!"

Printing Biz Card – Printing is the leading Las Vegas printer noted for its quality work, fair prices, and old-fashioned sense of courtesy and "friendliness." They said, "Get folks to stop by and meet us, we need to make our customer-family bigger." We agree, they ARE nice folks there, and we think they’re SEO Biz Card reflects their friendly stance.

Army Surplus Biz Card – Army Surplus has thousands of high-grade military surplus items such as Battle Dress Uniforms, field pants, jackets, coats, hats, gloves, boots, duffle bags, knives, camping gear, and countless other goods. They said, "We're opening our store online to give even more folks great deals." Stop on by and see what you think.

Huichol Art – High in the Sierra Madre Mountains of central-west Mexico is an indigenous tribe of very unique and magical people - the Huichol Indians. The client said, “We want to share their beautiful art with the world” -- help show everyone. --Wow…I'm buying!

NewVista Biz Card – "Yep, we have an SEOBC for ourselves too!… No more ineffective Yellow-pages ads for us. We got really tired of paying for ad-services that people didn't use anymore. "SEOBC" all the way."

NewVista Biz Card – "We think of them as 'electronic-billboards' - You ride down the Internet, and sure enough, one pops up. What about you? Can someone find YOUR company on the Internet?"

Cooler Air Conditioning Service Biz Card – There's no time like the present when you need air conditioning repair in the summmer in Las Vegas. The client said, “Get us on the first page so we can give more people great service” -- reliable service, every day.” --We think it's clear.

Locksmith Biz Card -- Ever been locked out of your house at an inconvenient time? The good Locksmith folks have 24-hour emergency service to help you. Need more security on your commercial business or home… checkout the Locksmith.

Garage Doors Biz Card -- If they work right, they're invisible… if they work wrong… gawd, what a headache. That's what Garage Door Repairs specialize in – "making headaches go away" (forget aspirin)



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